The $75 million 2009 NMTC allocation enabled CTA CDE to expand upon product lines in order to clear obstacles for projects located in Florida's low-income neighborhoods. The origins of the CTA CDE's product line emanate from experience with projects that didn't get financed, not those that did. Lack of access to working capital is the single biggest obstacle faced by sponsors of worthwhile projects; the following products were designed with this in mind:

Financial Advisory

CTA CDE's flagship product outside of using our own allocation. We offer financial consulting services to clients that need NMTCs without the headaches associated with feasibility analysis, obtaining allocation, and deal structuring & execution. Our experience in working with multiple investors, leverage lenders, consultants, and other CDEs, gives us the ability to help projects reach their potential - while allowing the clients to worry about running their business.

Real Estate Investments

Subordinated loans and equity investments for mixed use projects that cannot access capital markets due to debt service coverage or loan to value deficiencies.

Investments & Loans to CDEs

As an issuer with statutory authority to issue bonds nationally, Capital Trust Agency, managing member of CTA CDE, is able to give other CDEs access to the taxable and tax-exempt bond markets as an alternative source of financing for projects in severely distressed communities.

Working Capital Investments

Large scale community development projects face a high cost of entry; typically hundreds of thousands of dollars in architectural, site study and other work has to be completed before a construction loan can fund. CTA CDE can provide the working capital and equity investments needed to complete the design phase, at which point a building permit can be secured and a bond issue/construction loan funded.

What types of projects will be considered?

In accordance with their mission, CTA CDE will consider funding assistance to community development projects that will contribute to the renewal and revitalization of the local economy within qualified low-income communities. Projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and Fine Arts
  • Manufacturing, Industrial, Commercial
  • Mixed Use Facilities
  • Social Service Facility
  • Healthcare and Research Institutes
  • Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing

If you have a project you would like for CTA CDE to consider funding or consulting on, please contact us for consideration.

Downloadable Resources

CTA CDE understands that the foundation of a good business is a great idea that has been thoroughly planned out. When you are searching for capital, financiers want to make sure that you have a thorough plan as well. The documents below will allow you to develop a business plan, forecast financials, and develop a strategy for marketing. Feel free to use these documents to take your idea and form a plan that will help take you to the next level of your business journey.

Business Plan

Marketing Strategy

Cash Flows