About Us

Capital Trust Agency Community Development Entity, LLC (CTA CDE) strives to coordinate the missions, goals, and strengths of public and private organizations to maximize capital investment into low-income communities. By encouraging public-private partnerships as a financing structure to further economic growth and expansion of job opportunities, CTA CDE acts as a catalyst for efficient and innovative capital deployment into higher-risk scenarios.

CTA CDE was created by Capital Trust Agency, Inc. (CTA), a nonprofit financing agency which creates and facilitates innovative financing programs. This corporation was created through an interlocal agreement between the City of Gulf Breeze, Florida and the Town of Century, Florida in 1999.

In 2007, CTA CDE was formed as a specialized financial institution to attract tax credit funding incentives into projects that will have substantial economic impact to help renew distressed neighborhoods. In accordance with their mission, CTA CDE offers funding assistance to community development projects within qualified low-income communities that will contribute to the renewal and revitalization of the local economy.

In 2009, the CDFI Fund awarded CTA CDE an allocation of $75 million in New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) to advance efforts to spur economic development rebuilding initiatives within Florida's low-income communities. The award allows CTA CDE to be more flexible and able to offer better rates and terms than are typically available without NMTCs.

In 2010, CTA CDE expanded its service area to a national footprint.

CTA CDE's board has committed itself to serving low-income communities beyond NMTC investments. To date, CTA CDE has donated over $130,000 to various foundations, with a strong focus on education. Some notable organizations among those recieving donations are:

CTA CDE is an active participant in not only economic development for businesses in low-income areas, but in partnering with various foundations to create opportunities for low-income individuals to alleviate themselves from poverty through education. With a large focus on needs-based education scholarships, CTA CDE's Board and staff strive to invest time and talent along with reinvesting proceeds from investments back into our mission.